FitTec Fat Loss Program Steps


A Health Coach Directed Fat Loss Program for Life

On-line or In-Person Program

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  1. 1. Lifestyle Survey filled out
    Use this questionnaire to determine your health and lifestyle. Lifestyle and Health-History Questionnaire

  1. 2. Weigh-In

  1. 3. Body Measures Determined
    See Example of Report 1. Body Composition Tests.pdf

  1. 4. Aerobic Status Determined

  2. See Example of Report 2. Aerobic State.pdf

  1. 5. Dietary Evaluation Determined

  2. See Example of Report Nutrition Evaluation.pdf

  3. 6. Logs - Start food and activity logs-send logs to health coach for evaluation at

Use Your Own Logs or Trackers or use ours

Food Diary Record.pdf

Activity Plan & Log

  1. 7. Helpful Surveys - Use one of our surveys to help your progress.

Food Frequency Chart-Use this questionnaire to determine what foods you eat frequently and what foods that you may need to eat more of. Food-FrequencyQuestionnaire

Weight Loss Readiness Quiz-A great place to start your weight loss journey is by taking this short informative quiz. ( WeightLossReadinessQuiz.pdf

  1. 8. Report-In

Once a week report your activity level, food intake, and body weight and any general information you would like to share.

  1. 9. Lose fat and Move More!

  1. 10. Re-evaluate