Nutrition Evaluation


Nutrition Evaluation

Just write down one or up to seven days of what you eat and drink; be specific about amounts.

I will then look it over and give you my subjective evaluation.

This is not an exact evaluation, but it will give you an idea of how I feel you are doing. Email your food log to

If that is too complicated you can also take pictures of your meals and bring it to me on a phone or camera; try to have your hand in the picture for perspective; don’t email them to me.......

The FitTec’s Dietary Evaluation is rich with information.

It is several pages long and easy to understand.

First page 

A several page report subjectively describing how nutritious your diet is and what you should do. Suggestions are based on sound nutrition principles recommended by the American Heart Association and Tufts and Harvard Universities’ Nutrition Departments. This is a great tool; it is not exact assessment though. It is an educated review of what you have been eating. I had used this old tool a lot in the past when I was training athletes. I rate you on important aspects of nutrition. It was designed to help you get on the right path. 

How does it work?  Write down what you eat for a normal 1-3 days; try to be specific about amounts (cups, oz., tbs.) and include all beverages (water) along with if you salt your food. Drop it off at the fitness center or email it to me. I will send back my estimation on how you are doing within a couple days with recommendations. 

This is not a diagnostic tool.